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Thinking About Having Your Car Painted?

By January 29, 2020No Comments
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xaar painting mnAre you thinking about getting a fresh look for your car? Splurging for a new coat of paint can seem like a good idea, although you need to keep a few things in mind before you actually do it. Keep in mind that getting your car repainted is going to take time and money.

You’re better off understanding the process of painting before you decide to drive your ride into a detailing shop. That way, you’re aware of what that shop is going to be doing to your vehicle, so you know what you should avoid.

It Takes A While

Painting a vehicle doesn’t happen overnight. It’s going to be a few days before the whole paint job gets done and all of the chemicals have a chance to settle down. That means your vehicle is going to stay in the body shop for awhile. It takes even more time if the paint on your car is already considerably aged, especially if it has fallen prey to fading, oxidation, and chipping. Adding a new paint layer on top of this condition just isn’t possible. More days are necessary so that old paint can be removed. That also means more expense on your part.

The Process Doesn’t Fix Dings And Dents

If you’re assuming that a repainting is going to get rid of unsightly dings and dents, then you need to seriously reconsider. There are times that a new coat or covering of paint might actually highlight the present issues more than before. Damages like scratches, pits, dents, gouges, holes, and rust spots are going to still be around, even when some new paint gets applied by the auto body shop.

Your best tactic here is asking to get a holistic repair prior to the fresh paint application. In doing so, your vehicle is going to look as great as it did coming off the dealership lot.

Repainting Means More Car Value

If you intend to sell off your old ride, then getting repainting done can provide an effective investment of your money. You’ll have a direct impact on your car’s market value going up, particularly if any minor damage gets fixed up along the way. On the other hand, if your car has more than 10 years of age behind it, you need to rethink whether or not repainting is going to give you enough results to be worth it.

If the car is largely in bad condition, then getting repainting done might not make a lot of money. You might be better off selling it as-is instead of pouring money into an overdue paint job.

Repainting Does Involve The Removal Of Interior Parts

Repainting a car doesn’t just involve the exterior. You need to remember that some of your vehicle components are going to be physically removed so that they can get treated and painted separately. Remove all your belongings from the car before you drive it to the auto body shop. Another thing you should do is look out for a shop that has expertise in assembling different car parts. That means you have better odds of your vehicle coming back to you in great shape.

Prices Can Vary

If you’re on a tight budget and intending to file an insurance claim, then you need to keep in mind that every shop might have different costs for repainting. Additionally, those prices might vary based on how much prep work a shop has to do prior to the application of fresh paint. If the paint of your current car is battered pretty good, that’s likely to be more expensive than repainting a newer vehicle.

When you get a price quote, be sure it includes everything, down to the last clear coat. Getting your car repainted is definitely an investment, and for the money spent, you need to make sure that the finished product is actually worth it all.

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