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Paintless Dent Repair

Importance Of Getting That Car Dent Fixed Immediately

By October 1, 2020No Comments
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auto body shopCar dents happen all the time for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, people are just careless and open the car door into yours. At other times, impatient drivers let their car bump into yours in a traffic jam which results in an unsightly dent. It is recommended to take your car to an auto body shop immediately to ensure that the dent is repaired professionally. Getting it done professionally is a better option in order to avoid rust and a variety of other issues discussed below.

It’s important to get the car dent fixed but the more important thing is getting it fixed as quickly as possible. However, that’s not what most people do. Most people will get a big dent fixed right away but they don’t really care about a small dent. If your car has a small dent, you’ll keep telling yourself that it’s a minor blemish and doesn’t really matter.

If your car is really old, you might not want to get the dent fixed as you don’t really care about it. Sometimes, you’ll tell yourself that you are going to get it fixed this weekend but that weekend never comes and the dent remains. The time passes by and sometimes, the car dent remains even after a year.

You will notice that the dent has become bigger in size and looks uglier than at the start. You promise yourself that you are now going to get it fixed but life happens and you again put it on the backburner. However, a number of things could be happening below the surface if you continue to ignore that small dent that has now blossomed into a much uglier and bigger spot.

#1 Rust

While dents look ugly on the car but you must understand that dents also damage the paint. If the dent has resulted in minor cracks, it might allow water to reach the metal part of the car as it seeps below the clear coat and paint. If it is not fixed in time, the metal with react with water and oxidize leading to rust spots. You might not notice the rust in case the dent is really small and the damage to the paint isn’t really visible. However, once it grows and you can see it, you will find that it is much bigger and more unsightly than the original dent.

#2 Long-Term Paint Damage

An important thing you need to consider when fixing a dent in the car is that you also need to worry about things other than just the dent. In case the dent has scratches, the car also needs paint repair. However, most people don’t really have the tools or experience to paint their vehicle. It typically leads to endless postponement of an urgent repair which naturally leads to further damage.

#3 It Affects the Resale Value

When you try to sell your car, potential buyers are going to check how well the car runs but it doesn’t mean they will ignore the exterior appearance as it’s a really important factor for most buyers. If you have unrepaired dents, the car will likely fetch a lower value even if the dents are small in size. If there is paint damage and there are visible rust spots, the price will go down further. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that unrepaired dents give the impression that you have been a neglectful owner and haven’t taken care of your car.

#4 Get It Fixed Professionally

Most car owners take pride in the ownership of their car. If you are serious about the appearance of your car and you get it washed and waxed regularly, you should also get that dent repaired at the earliest.

So, do not wait when you have a small dent in your car. Drive the car immediately to the Bill’s Auto Body. Our team of professional technicians will make sure the dents are repaired quickly, accurately and safely. We also take care of the paint job and will ensure that the paint color matches the existing color perfectly. It won’t take long and you’ll be back on the road in a jiffy.