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Fix Your Rusty Car Before The Winter Months Come

By September 1, 2020No Comments
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auto body shopMost mechanics give nicknames to car rust and if your car has a serious case of rust, your car will rot and become severely destroyed with time. However, when you catch signs of rust earlier on, it’s easier and cost-effective to get it fixed. So read on as we dive into why you should get your car rusty car fixed before the snow rolls in during the winter months.

Is It Safe To Drive A Car With A Rusted Frame?
If you didn’t already know, rusted frames pose a serious threat. In essence, they’re a major hazard along with the mess of corrosion. So if you’re planning to take the chance with your rusty frame, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your car.

Hence, it’s advised that you bring your car in for the pros to better examine the damage. When you come into the shop, professionally trained and experienced technicians will put your car on the lift and inspect it. This is done from al angles to properly assess the damages. After the structural integrity is assessed, you’ll be notified if a welding job will fix the frame or whether it’s more cost-effective to sell old faithful for scrap.

How Long Will A Rusty Car Last?
This is one of the toughest questions in this industry. Simply put, rusty cars will only last depending on the damages and how badly they are rusted. Additionally, you can save on some time be acting quickly and having the damages treated before things get bad.

If your car is suffering from some minute amounts of service rust, it’s better to have this sorted as soon as possible. This ensures that your car will be around for many years to come. However, if left untreated, the rust will spread like wildfire to other areas of your car. So before it turns into a mess, be sure to get your car looked at asap.

How Much Rust Is Too Much On A Car?

1 – Type of Rust
Simply put, there are 3 types of rust that can infect your car. These are scales, on the surface, and penetrating rust. Surface rust is the easiest and most affordable to fix. Scale rust, on the other hand, exposes the metal under the paint. Penetrating rust is more detrimental and turs it into iron oxide making it very brittle and more costly to fix.

2 – Location Of The Rust
If your car is suffering from corroded spots on the fuel tank or the exhaust, you’re battling with danger. Rust on the underframe of your car can negatively affect your chances of driving safe. This comes from the fact that rusted panels will cause danger to your passengers and yourself if you should meet with an accident. In the case of penetrating rust, water will begin to sep into the car or the exhaust which is dangerous for anyone in the vehicle; so if your car has gotten to this stage, it might not be such a good idea to invest in fixing it.

How To Prevent Rust On A Car?
To keep your car in good condition and safe from rust, it’s best to always ensure that it is clean and properly waxed. Washing and waxing not only help it to stay clean but it protects the exterior from rust. So be sure to have your car under washed at least every two weeks.

When it comes to dealing with rust on your car, it’s best to catch it during the beginning stages. So during tire rotations, it’s a good idea to check your wheel wells and bumpers as well as other prime areas for early-onset rust. After a run, be sure to rinse off any dirt from your car with the garden hose. You can even inspect your car for rust spots.

If ever you see any, you should have it taken care of as soon as possible. Additionally, mud flaps are a good investment since they protect against gravel, snow, salt, and water which all contribute to rust. Another thing to be aware of is scratches in your paint. If your paint job has scratches, it will be vulnerable to rusting.

However, scratched paint can be easily fixed in a jiffy. So if your scratches surfaces don’t expose metal, they can easily be buffed by an experienced tech. In the instance where this cannot be done, an expert will need to treat the body. Your car will need to be sanded and treated in a four-step process.

When driving and cleaning the exterior of your car, it’s best to be gentle. When you treat your ride with care, it will last you a lifetime. So be aware of scratches and nicks that lead to rust. If you’re facing snow daily, it’s a good idea to use a foam brush and remove the snow as soon as you can.

Remember, don’t place items on your car since even the smallest thing can cause scratches leading to rust!