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Will My Car Be Totally Restored After A Crash?

By December 1, 2020No Comments
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car painting mnFollowing a vehicle crash, you might be wondering what needs to be done for your car to return to the road. You will need to file an insurance claim, obtain a police report, and in some cases, seek and receive medical treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. In addition, you will have the task of having damage to the vehicle itself assessed and repaired so that you can be back driving as normal. Perhaps you have never worked with a collision shop before and are wondering how the process will unfold. The following tips can help smooth the way.

The Appraiser’s Role
Insurance carriers tend to send an appraiser of their choosing to assess the damages to your vehicle. A skilled professional will be able to spot every type of damage that occurred, even that which is not obvious to the naked eye. If additional damage is spotted during the repair work, it is important to ensure that the appraiser will convince the insurer that those extra repairs are needed and should be covered. Ask the appraiser about their background and inquire about what their policy is regarding damage that emerges later in the repair process.

Selecting Your Preferred Repair Shop
It is common for insurance carriers to maintain relationships with particular repair facilities, and they often refer claimants to these shops for repair work. You have no obligation to use the services of the shop suggested by the insurance carrier, and you are free to select your own repair facility. In fact, it is often wise to do just that so that you have confidence that the repairs have been done correctly.

Detailed Repair Work
It is often the case that the damage following an accident initially appears fairly minor, but the fact is that forceful impacts can have a detrimental effect on an entire car. The drivetrain, frame, wheels, and other elements can sustain real harm even in fairly insignificant crashes. Select a repair professional willing to conduct a comprehensive inspection so that even hidden damage can be properly repaired.

Fixing Body Damage
While some people believe that repairing a full vehicle body panel is as simple as using a tool to pull it back into shape, this is actually quite far from the truth. While some scenarios do lend themselves to paintless dent repair, it is important that all such work be done by a highly-trained professional who can utilize special equipment to ensure quality repairs.

Work Under Warranty
There are times when an insurance carrier will strongly suggest that you use a repair facility that they have recommended or run the risk of not receiving warranty coverage. However, warranties are given by the repair professionals, not the carrier, so make sure to select a shop that provides written warranties and customer guarantees.

Bringing Your Car Back To Life
It used to be that once a car was involved in a crash, it was never quite the same. However, with modern repair methods and tools, cars can be brought back to original condition, provided skilled technicians are on the job. Current repair strategies can provide your car with its proper functionality, structure, and look, restoring it to its pre-accident shape. If you have recently been involved in a crash, get in touch with us to schedule an inspection and estimate. We pledge to make your car as good as new and guarantee your full satisfaction.