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Paintless Dent Repair

What to Do If Hail Damage Occurs

By May 31, 2022No Comments
hail damage forest lake

Consider this scenario: you’re traveling through the countryside one day when a storm erupts overhead, pelting you with hailstones the size of grapes and larger. Hailstones not only create visible dents and marks on your car’s appearance, but they may also destroy windshields and cause other damage. The good news is that auto body shops and glass repair businesses have the tools and expertise to fix your car after it has been damaged by hail.

Hail Damage Repairs Done at Home Aren’t Reliable

On the market are a spate of DIY Hail-Damage repair methods, as well as an abundance of “excellent ideas” on the internet. To repair dings and dents, DIY enthusiasts recommend using a hair dryer, letting the car out in the sun, and even ice cubes. However, this is not always effective and might lead to even more serious issues, lowering the market value of your vehicle.

After calling your insurance carrier, the best choice is to take your automobile to an auto body shop. The auto body shop’s experts will be able to evaluate the vehicle and execute the necessary repairs.

Repairing Hail Damage Professionally

Hail damage can often be repaired in one of two methods. Depending on the severity of your demand, your auto body pros may recommend conventional or paintless dent repairs.

Repairs that are more traditional

Here are some of the more traditional methods for repairing hail dents and dings on the car’s exterior.

Replace and remove

The part may need to be replaced if the damage is severe. In this situation, the panels can be removed and replaced with a new piece that can be painted exactly how you want it.

Complete the glazing

Paint can be sanded down in parts if the damage isn’t too serious. The glaze paddy can then be used to fill in the dents. After drying, sand the area smooth and paint over the entire section.

Body augmentation

This procedure involves removing the paint to show the metal beneath, similar to how a glaze finishes. The dents can then be filled in with the proper body filler. The area is sanded and repainted when the filler has hardened. This works well for medium to minor dents.

Repairing heat in the traditional way

This procedure is commonly used on older vehicles with thicker metal, as well as newer vehicles with huge dent. An oxyacetylene torch is used to apply heat. This allows the metal to expand, making restoration easier. The metals can then be simply repainted once they have cooled.

Dent Repair Without Painting

PDR, or Paintless Dent Repairs, is the most recent option to sanding and repainting. Instead, the dent will be addressed from the inside out by the auto repair shop professional.

This is the best way for dealing with small to medium dings and dents, but it can also be used on larger dents as long as the metal is not harmed. This strategy is becoming more popular among insurance firms and drivers because:

  • It is affordable; • It has a quick turnaround time; and • It does not contain any fillers or harsh chemicals

Windshield Repairs by Experts

Hail can also leave a mark on the windshield. While many drivers overlook minor pits, chips, and cracks, they can be quite harmful in the event of a collision. When you take your car in for a windshield repair, they will most likely recommend one of the following options:

Repairing cracks

The cracks and pits in the windshield will be filled with a curable resin that matches the windshield if the damage can be treated this way. The goal is to restore the windshield’s structural integrity.

Complete overhaul

The size and/or shape of the crack may prevent it from being repaired using such basic methods. If you want to improve the safety of passengers riding in your vehicle, you’ll need to address the entire glass in this scenario. Most insurance companies cover this type of maintenance, and windshield replacement professionals provide handy mobile services.

At Your Fingertips: Reliable Hail Damage Repairs

You’ll be frustrated if your car has been damaged by hail. However, please call Bill’s Auto  Body in Forest Lake, MN. We have the abilities and credentials to provide excellent service at an affordable price.