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What does an Auto Body Shop Technician do?

By January 30, 2023No Comments
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You’re likely to have used the services a technician at an auto body shop if you own a vehicle.The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) estimates that Americans purchase approximately 14.5 millions new vehicles each year.

Many new car owners don’t know the difference between an autobody shop and a mechanic.We will be examining the differences between these two occupations and making some important distinctions.

Auto Body Shop Technician vs. a Mechanic

Some people are not mechanics.Auto body shop technicians and mechanics are two of the most highly-sought-after professions.But not everyone is able to tell the difference.Automobiles can be complex and require professionals to work together.

The primary difference is in the areas of specialization.The performance of the vehicle is the focus for mechanics.They are responsible for fixing problems under the hood.Take your car to a mechanic if it isn’t working properly.Brakes, bent rods and spark plugs are all fixed by mechanics.

Auto body shops, on the other hand, focus more on the exterior appearance of the vehicle.The main job of an auto body shop technician is to repair the visible parts of a car.They inspect the paint job, frame and body panels.

An auto body shop technician is all you need for minor accidents.If the damage to the vehicle has caused it to become immobilized, you will need both an auto mechanic and a bodyshop technician.

Roles for an Auto Body Shop Technician

As mentioned earlier, technicians at auto body shops and mechanics focus on different parts.Both are equally important in repairing your vehicle.Here are some common issues that an auto shop technician can help with.

Frame Repair

The structural foundation of a vehicle is its frame.All other parts of a car can be attached to the frame.There are two types of car frames: unibody and body-on-frame.The body of vehicles built in the first half century has been separate from the chassis.Modern cars use a cage-like structure to meld the frame and chassis into one.

Uni-body frames are safer than those with a body-on-frame option.Both take the majority of the impact in a collision.The vehicle’s structural integrity is compromised by a damaged or bent frame.After an accident, auto body shop technicians will be able to repair your car’s frame.The first step is usually to assess the damage.

Reputable auto body shops will have the necessary tools to repair your vehicle.Hydraulics are required for frame repair, as well as laser measurement.Secure the vehicle to the platform first.Pulling and pushing on the damaged areas is how you repair it.This is repeated until the frame returns to factory dimensions.

Fender and Bumper Repair

Protection is provided by bumpers and fenders.The fender is a piece of plastic that is attached to the wheel.It serves two primary purposes: to protect the car’s body from flying debris.It protects the car’s body from damage caused by flying projectiles.Bumpers, on the other hand protect the car’s body from being in a head-on collision or rear end collision.

The bumpers are the most damaged in an accident, and they usually fall between the two.The most popular service offered by auto body shops in America is bumper repairs.Bumpers can sustain various types of damage, from minor scratches to severe cracks.A reputable auto body shop will be able restore your bumper or fender to its original condition.

Dent Removal

Car dents are caused by an object hitting the vehicle’s panel. The object’s shape and speed will determine the extent of damage. There are many reasons why dents can occur, from an accident with a ball to falling trees. No matter what the reason, an auto body shop technician will be able to smoothen it out and restore your vehicle’s appearance.

If not taken care of, dents can cause car rust to open and cause damage to the exterior. Depending on the size of your dent, there are many ways to repair it. Dings and round dents can often be fixed with minimally invasive procedures. Because such dents usually leave the paint job intact, But dents with large dents like creases or sharp dents will require more work.

The costliest to repair are dents that reach the metal and penetrate the paint layers. Cleaning the area around the dent is usually the first step. This helps remove dirt and paint chips. This involves several rounds of filling and sanding the area. The final steps are painting and waxing.

Scratch Removal

The most irritating problem is scrubbing. Even after careful inspection, scratches can appear suddenly. Even the mildest scratches can cause damage to vehicles. Incorrect washing can cause scratches to your vehicle. Keying, rubbing against your car and rocks are all common causes.

Scratches can be classified according to the layer they affect. Clear coat scratches only affect the outermost layer. Clear coat scratches don’t necessarily require you to visit an auto body shop. Drivers can remove scratches at home with scratch-removal tools. But it is better to leave deeper scratches to the auto body shop technicians.

When dealing with deep scratches, auto body shops use the same procedures as for fixing dents. The first step in repairing dents is to clean off paint chips and remove any dirt. Next, sanding is followed by applying primer. The next step is to sand the area and apply a primer. Waxing is the final phase to seal in paint.

Custom Car Body Painting

The colors that car manufacturers offer is limited. For custom paint jobs, car owners have the option to turn to an auto body shop. Custom paints have the advantage of giving your car a unique look that suits your personal style. The added benefit is that thieves won’t have to worry about your car being jacked.

A skilled technician in an auto body shop is required to custom paint a car. It can be difficult work. The first step is to remove any existing paint. Next, you will need to grind the metal to remove any rust. Next, add a filler, sand, and apply a sealer. Final steps include applying a clear coat and waxing.

You have a variety of options when it comes to custom-painted jobs. Many clients bring a rough idea to the auto body shop. You can always choose one of the most in-demand patterns if you’re not sure what you want. Flames, fades, and racing stripes are all common designs.

Final Thoughts

The most important person in a car owner’s life is the auto body shop technician. Many people mistake them as mechanics, and vice versa. This will help you decide where to take your vehicle if it has problems.

A technician at an auto body shop is trained to fix visible parts of the vehicle. They are trained to repair everything, from the frame to custom paint.