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What Does an Auto Body Shop Do?

By July 31, 2019No Comments
auto body shop

auto body shopA lot of individuals believe that mechanics and auto body shops are one and the same. However, mechanics are not quite qualified to handle everything that can be done for a vehicle at an auto body shop. So just what does an auto body shop do?

An auto body shop is an ideal option for vehicles that have sustained mechanical damage as well as damage to the body of the car. Those working out of an auto body shop will have the knowledge and the ability to restore a damaged vehicle to a safe status of operation. In addition, they can make the vehicle look the way it did as it was released from the factory – before it was damaged. When it comes to aesthetics, an auto body shop is certainly the way to go.

An auto body shop is much more than just removing damaged parts and replacing them. When you bring your car to an auto body shop, the whole appearance of the vehicle must be evaluated. Even a wreck that occurred at a low speed will cause changes to the entire body of the vehicle. Panels of the car can twist, bend, and even become kinked up far from the point where the impact took place. An auto body shop can evaluate this and determine the best way to fix the vehicle so that it looks as good as new.

Anyone can look at a vehicle and decide that it isn’t appearing as it should. However, technicians working in an auto body shop understand that there is more involved with fixing the body of a car than simply focusing on the point of impact. For example, consider the panels that are opposite of the point of impact. Though they have not directly sustained damage, they can be thrown off due to the forces of impact. These panels may have moved, or become misaligned. This, in turn, can cause damage to the paint. Therefore, it pays to know when it is time to visit the auto body shop.

When it comes to an auto body shop versus a mechanic, think of it as visiting a clinic versus the hospital. Some things are better left to someone who understands just how the vehicle needs to be repaired in order to operate as good as new. It isn’t about who is better. Rather, it is about which will suit the needs of your vehicle.

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