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auto body repair

The Role of Auto Body Shops

By June 4, 2019No Comments
auto body repair

auto body repairIf you just bought your first car and need some work done on it, the many options can be a bit overwhelming. There are two primary categories of business where you can take your car for work, auto repair shops and auto body shops. In this brief post, we are going to show several tasks that an auto body shop can do for you.

Scratch Removal

It’s easy to get a scratch on your car, but it isn’t easy to get it off. More often than not, scratch removal usually means sanding the affected region, filling in the scratch, additional sanding, priming as well as painting. This is a multi-step process that a reputable auto body repair can do perfectly.

Dent Repair

This is one of the primary tasks that auto body shops do. If you backed into an object and the rear bumper got a dent, the first place to consider is an auto body repair shop.

These businesses work on both small and big dents. When cars get into an accident, they are generally hauled to an auto body shop and not an auto repair one. Auto body shops usually have more experience in replacing all vehicle panels including door and side panels.

Rust Removal

If you live in an area that generally gets a lot of snow during the colder months, a lot of salt is poured on the roads, and this leads to a battle with rust. When moisture and salt combine, they tend to accelerate rust formation, and when overlooked, this can wreak havoc on your car.

Reputable auto body shops also specialize in rust removal, not only on the body panels, but also the undercarriage of your car. The best way to combat rust is by dealing with it as soon as possible. Auto body shops will sand the rust away, put a fresh coat of paint and buff the paint job.


Another major service that you can get from auto body shops is repainting. These shops do small paint jobs on a regular basis, like when removing a scratch, repairing a broken body panel as well as removing rust from the vehicle. In addition to this, reputable auto body shops will ideally paint your whole car if you wish to change the way it looks.

These are the most common services you can expect from an auto body shop. If you wish to have something cosmetic done to your car, get in touch with us today!

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