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My Car Was Damaged in a Storm. What now?

By June 29, 2023No Comments
auto body repair

Storms are more likely to occur in the spring and summer when temperatures are warmer. This also increases the risk of your vehicle being damaged. One storm can be enough to cause significant damage.

This guide will walk you through the steps to get your car repaired after storm damage. From protecting your vehicle, to contacting a body shop.

Damage caused by a storm

Storms can damage your vehicle in several ways, including:

  • Hail Damage– Hail can cause significant damage to your car in just a few minutes. Hail can cause dents, dings and even broken glass on your car’s body depending on its size. A body shop can usually remove the dents or dings.
  • Water damage– Water damage can affect your engine’s cylinders and electrical components. It can also damage the interior. This can cause premature rusting of your vehicle.
  • Debris like falling trees can damage your vehicle. The result may be body damage and broken glass. Both can be repaired by auto body shops.

Take steps to

Take the following steps if your car has been damaged by a storm:

  • Be cautious — If you have flood damage to your vehicle, it is best not to start the car. This could cause damage to your engine and/or ignite a fire in your electrical system if water has been deposited there.
  • Take pictures – Take pictures of your vehicle and the surrounding area to show context.
  • Minimize damage — Secure your vehicle in a garage, if you can. If you can’t, use a tarp over any broken glass that may allow water to enter your vehicle.
  • Contact your insurance company. You can find out more about your auto insurance policy, such as how much you owe in deductibles and how to make a claim so that your insurer will pay for any repairs required by an auto body shop. Call your homeowner’s insurer if you have any damaged items in your vehicle.
  • Hire an experienced auto-body shop — An experienced auto-body shop, such as Bill’s, can repair damages and work with insurance companies to make the entire process as simple as possible.

What insurance will likely cover?

If you have comprehensive coverage, your auto insurance may cover storm damage. This insurance covers damage to your vehicle that is not caused by a collision, but rather, the result of objects falling from trees or hailstones, flooding, animals, and other factors.

After you have paid your deductible, comprehensive insurance will cover the cost of having your car repaired at an auto body shop. Your insurance company will declare a total loss if the cost of repairing your car exceeds its actual cash worth (its purchase value minus depreciation, and your deductible).

The policy will not cover any damage caused to your vehicle, even if you parked it in your driveway. However, they may cover personal property inside your vehicle.

Getting Repairs

It is essential that you have your car repaired by an autobody shop in a timely fashion so it continues to look good and operate safely. Your car’s value will be maintained by an auto body shop, so you can get more money when you sell or trade in your vehicle.

Following are some of the types of repairs you may need after your vehicle has suffered storm damage.

  • Paintless Dent Repair – Bill’s Auto Body can use this method in many cases for minor dents. This method is faster and cheaper than other dent repairs because it does not require repainting. We will instead use metal picks and rods to remove the dents on the inside of the panel.
  • Replacement of damaged glass – It is not safe to ignore extensive damage on your vehicle’s windshield. It is important to repair small cracks or chips as they can become much bigger over time. The glass is an important structural component of the car and it should never be compromised. It can have a negative impact on the safety and functionality.
  • Major Repairs – In some cases your car might need major repairs, such as electrical or engine work following storm damage.

It is important to take action immediately if your car has been damaged by a storm. Bill’s Auto Body’s highly-skilled technicians and excellent reputation will help you repair dents, dings and other damages to your car so that it retains its value.