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Paint Chip Matching

How We Will Give You The Best Auto Body Paint At Bill’s Auto Body Shop

By October 29, 2019No Comments
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auto body repairHas your car paint been chipped because of a collision, crash, smash or dent? If it has, you definitely want your auto body shop to give your car its original sleek and stylish look back. This exactly what we will do for you at Bill’s Auto Body Shop using Computerized paint chip matching.

Are you wondering how this works? Read on to understand the process we follow to ensure your sleek automobile gets its original look back just like it did when leaving the showroom.

On bring your car to our shop for body work, we will use the latest and most sophisticated computerized optical paint chip matching technology. The system that we use actually ‘views and sees’ the paint on your car and then goes through thousands of possible color combinations to accurately determine the color on your car. Unlike technicians, the computer system will make a perfect color match.

On bringing us your vehicle, a technician will use a special gadget to scan the color on your automobile. This scan is important since even if your car is just a few weeks old, weather elements such as sun and rain can impact on the color of the paint. Therefore, even if you paint your relatively new car in its original color after a few weeks, there will be a noticeable difference. This is the reason we use computerized chip matching technology to help us determine the exact color of paint on your car at the moment you bring it to us.

After the computer has taken a scan of the color on your car, it will use special software to determine the exact paint mixture which will give the current paint color on your car. In order to identify the most accurate color to use when painting your car, the computer system also takes scans from three different angles near the damaged area.

This may sound like hi-tech stuff, and it is! In the past, paint chip matching was more difficult and complicated. Technicians working on your car has to look up the make of your car, the model and the year of manufacturing in order to get the right color. In some instances, the technicians had to check your VIN since manufacturers sometimes used different shades of paint color on the vehicles manufactured in a year. As you can guess, paint chip matching in the past was no walk in the park. After getting your car painted, you could have been shocked by the results. You could have gotten one section that had a visibly different color from the rest of the car!

To make your car look uniform, it is best that you visit our shop for auto body paint jobs. After all, you do not want your car sticking out like a sore thumb because it has different shades of paint. Not only are different patches of paint ugly, they can also impact the re-sale price of your car should you decide to put it on the market.

If you are in Forest Lake, MN or the surrounding areas and want the best paint job for your car using our computerized chip matching technology, take a detour and pop in at Bill’s Auto Body Shop. We have very flexible schedules and we will work on your vehicle only when it suits you. Get in touch with us and set an appointment today!

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