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Frame Alignment

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frame alignment

frame alignmentA majority of people aren’t aware of the fact that most of the safety features in their cars are designed and constructed right into the body or frame of the vehicle. The results of crash tests are usually based on the shape, size, and structure of the vehicle. The three variables form a crucial part of framing the car and ensuring the safety of vehicle occupants. The safety of a vehicle is directly linked to the design and structure of its frame.

In case of a collision, the structural damage inflicted on the vehicle is normally concealed under the body shape and paneling. In a car accident, the frame can end up twisted, bent and even crumbled. Frame straightening following an accident that causes damage to the frame is a crucial part of the repair process since it can cause severe damage in case of a future accident.

There are two kinds of vehicle designs. The first is the unibody design which is constructed with all the parts remaining within the body of the vehicle. This type of design is common in vans and cars. It is also commonly found in certain SUV crossovers. The way the frame is designed sees the body part of the vehicle seated on a frame. A majority of trucks and bigger SUVs are designed using a frame.

One main advantage of building vehicles with a frame design is that they are sturdier. Irrespective of the frame or unibody design, both the body and frame of the vehicle offer a high level of protection to the occupants of a vehicle involved in a crash. In case the body structure or frame suffers damage, the passengers might sustain severe injuries in any future accident.

In case the body structure has been affected, the mechanical and suspension assemblies will be at a high risk of malfunctioning. This, in turn, puts extra strain on the engine, leads to uneven wear on the tires and compromises handling control.
Bill’s Auto Body can assess the level of structural damage, by thoroughly examining it. We have a team of body shop professionals who can straighten the frame of the body and restore it to ensure that it is in compliance with the original manufacturer specifications.
The frame is straightened using a frame alignment machine. Once the structural repairs have been done, the vehicle will be much safer to drive. All the vehicle components will continue to function effectively without interruption. Both the mechanical and suspension components will be well-aligned. Using our computerized measuring system, we will make sure that the vehicle is fully aligned in compliance with the factory specifications.

Bill’s Auto Body Shop
We have a team of certified dealer trained technicians who utilize a computerized measuring system to identify and straighten any misalignments. This ultra-modern measuring equipment offers the best frame alignment for vehicles. Their one of kind measurement is automated and generates a detailed printout indicating point-to-point upper and lower body measurements. The straightening repair will be preplanned before the actual repair using real dimensions and pulling areas. Straightening is required in cases where the damage affects steering and power train mounting points for suspension. We have certified and professionally trained technicians and are fully qualified for straightening unibody and body over frame (BOF) vehicles. After straightening has been completed, a final alignment check will be conducted.

The final measurements of the vehicle will be reviewed and accepted only if they are up to factory specifications. Only after your vehicle is restored to the initial factory specifications will it be able to operate at optimum efficiency and ensure maximum safety for both you and your family in any future accident. Get in touch with our dealer certified auto body shop today to get a free estimate.