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Cold weather can cause more damage to your car

By September 27, 2023No Comments

Dents in cars can appear from nowhere. They may be caused by several factors. Not only do they lower the value of your vehicle and ruin its appearance, but also, they can conceal significant damage beneath them. It is best to repair any dents or dings as soon as possible. You risk more expensive and serious issues in the future if you don’t fix the dents.

Winter is a time when temperatures are colder. Low temperatures can increase the severity of car dents, while winter elements such as snow, ice and hail can make driving dangerous and cause further damage.
We’ll look at the effects of cold weather on car dents, and what you can to do prevent major issues.

Winter is the worst time for car dents

In the winter, it is easier to dent a vehicle. Weather is a factor in at least 21% crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It includes weather conditions like rain, sleet and snow. All of these conditions can lead to a minor accident or a major one.

The frame of your car can also be prone to dent due to temperature changes. Metals tend to contract when temperatures drop because their atoms lose kinetic energy. They take up less room and become more vulnerable to damage as they contract.

Dent repair in the winter months can be a bit more difficult. You should only turn to an experienced and trusted professional if you need to repair a dent in the winter.

Dents can be worsened by cold weather

It is important to repair any damage quickly, as the cold weather can cause your metal frame to be more susceptible to damage.

Winter is a time when it’s more dangerous to let damage fester. This is because the high moisture levels can cause rusting. The constant coating of salts and chemicals on the road can also worsen paint damage. If you leave dents or other damages unrepaired during the winter, they can lead to much greater damage in the future.

Winterizing Your Vehicle

You can reduce the severity of winter weather and your chances of being involved in an accident by taking precautions. Follow these winter maintenance tips to prepare your car for cold weather.

Repair any dents you may have

You should always have the dents on your car repaired in warmer months. The metal or plastic dented in the winter months will need to warm up before it can be repaired properly. Dent repair in temperatures below freezing can cause serious damage to your car’s paint. This will result in chips and cracks during the dent-repair process.

Check your tires

Tires need to be checked regularly throughout the year, as roads and weather can affect them. Check your tires’ treads, inflation and condition before it gets cold.

You should also rotate your tires to ensure that they wear equally while driving. Also, you need to ensure that your tires have the correct tire pressure. Tires lose air quickly in cold weather, and this can be dangerous if the weather turns icy.

Repair any cracks and dents in your windshield

It’s best to take care of your windshield during warmer weather, as colder temperatures can make it worse. A cracked windshield can chip, crack more or even break in cold weather. Windshields without cracks will not break in extremely cold temperatures.

How to properly de-ice a vehicle

During the winter, you should de-ice as necessary. You will be able to remove the ice buildup without having to scrape large chunks off your vehicle. Shovels are bad for vehicles. Your goal is to keep your vehicle ice-free.

How to remove snow from your car’s roof

Keep the snow off the top of your vehicle to prevent it from falling and damaging your car. Ice chunks are very sharp and can cause serious damage to your vehicle. Be sure to regularly brush the soft snow off the roof, hood and trunk of your car during the winter months.

Fix Your Dents Now

The best way to remove all car dents is during the warm months, before winter’s harsh weather sets in.
Dents can happen despite your best efforts to protect your vehicle. We know how important it is to have your car look like new, which is why we are trusted by many in Forest Lake for paintless dent removal.
Paintless dent repairs eliminate the concern of color mismatches or uneven fading, and maintain your vehicle’s value and appearance. It can also help you save money on “wear and tear” charges when you return your leased car. Contact Bill’s Auto Body in Forest Lake today.