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A Closer Look At The Accident Repair Process

By February 8, 2021No Comments
collision repair

In the event that you haven’t been involved in a car accident before, then you may find the entire repair process to be extremely confusing. The vast majority of people aren’t interested in understanding the details of the repairs but are mainly interested in the fixed vehicle. However, you do need to have an overview of the repair process so that you can understand the costs, labor and time that was taken to fix your vehicle so that it looks like it was never in an accident.

The particulars would depend a bit from one repair shop to another, however, we will look at some of the general steps so that you can know what to expect.

1. Getting An Estimatecollision repair

The very first step is to get your vehicle inspected. This is usually carried out by the body shop’s estimator. Once the estimator inspects your vehicle, takes photos and completes the necessary paperwork, then this information will be sent to you as well as the insurance company.

2. Disassembling

Next, according to the information provided to the insurance company, they may potentially ask for the teardown of your automobile. This will ensure that all of the damages are found and documented as well as determine whether the car should be repaired or not. After both the insurance company and yourself authorizes the repair, the auto repair shop will begin the process by sourcing and purchasing the parts.

3. Repair

When repairs are being done there is actually an electronic measuring system that can be used to check the vehicle so that it is restored to its original or factory condition. This is extremely important since it ensures that the vehicle remains in good condition while also being structurally sound. According to the vehicle’s condition, if suspension repairs as well as wheel alignment needs to be done, then these will also be completed. Basically, the repair phase would include both mechanical and structural repairs.

4. Prep For Painting

When it comes to refinishing your vehicle, paint prep is very important. The repair shop will prepare your vehicle for painting, starting with the panels. This includes both priming and sealing which is necessary for the color to adhere to the vehicle. Once finished, a clear coat will be applied.

5. Reassembling

Next, reassembly will need to take place and in this process, all the final details and moldings are placed onto the automobile. Additionally, all the systems and parts of the vehicle are thoroughly inspected. At this point of the repair process, the actual repairs are almost completed.

5. QC Inspection

When everything has been installed, the next step is to clean the interior of the vehicle thoroughly as well as wash the exterior. The paint job is also polished and then an inspection will need to be done. The repair shop staff will also likely take your vehicle for a test drive to ensure that everything is repaired and working as it should.

7. Delivery

This is the final step and this is when you go to the auto body repair shop to get your vehicle. You will then receive all the important paperwork as well as your bill which will be explained to you. You can then personally drive your vehicle home and it should look and feel like it did before you got into an accident.

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