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Winterizing Your Car: 3 Practical Tips

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Since summer is nearly over, it’s time to prepare your car for cooler weather. As the seasons change, your vehicle often has a harder time gaining traction on the road. Your windshield is also more prone to cracking during the fall and winter.

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to prevent the cold from even reaching you. Preparing your vehicle for fall can be as simple as considering the following three tips.

  1. Inspect your car for any dents and repair them. When the weather is warm, you should have your car’s dents repaired. The dented metal or plastic will need time to warm up during the colder months so that the issue can be resolved properly. Dent repairs in temperatures below freezing can seriously damage the paint on your car. This can lead to cracks and chips in your paint. If you have dents, have them repaired while the weather is still warm.
  2. Tires should be checked. Weather and road conditions can affect tires, so they need to be checked regularly throughout the year. Before the fall season begins, make sure your tires are in good shape. To ensure evenly worn tires, rotate them while driving as well. You should also ensure that your tires have the proper air pressure. When the first snow starts making the roads slippery, cold weather causes your tires to quickly lose air.
  3. You should repair any cracks or dents in your windshield. In the same way that dents can be repaired in the warmer temperatures, your windshield should be repaired in the colder months. During cold weather, a damaged or cracked windshield can fracture, chip, or break more easily. When the weather is extremely cold or when the temperature changes rapidly, cracks and fractures in a windshield aren’t at risk of breaking.

Does your car need paintless dent removal?

An efficient paintless dent repair takes up to two hours if it’s done properly. However, the good news is that your vehicle will look like it never had a dent in the first place after two hours.

Bill’s Auto Body has the experience you need when it comes to paintless dent repair for your vehicle. Our dent repair capabilities and services can be viewed by contacting Bill’s Auto Body in Forest Lake, MN.

Why Take Care of Dents Before Winter Hits?

Minnesotans don’t want to think about winter, even now that fall has arrived! Here at Bill’s Auto Body, we get it. Warm weather paired with beautiful scenery are what we enjoy a lot too! It is, however, imperative to winterize your car. As you know, winter comes with different driving conditions, a need for heated tires, and additional heating system usage, but you may not be aware that winter is harsh on the exterior of your car, perhaps even more so than other seasons. In order for the exterior of your car to last as long as possible, you should fix your dents now before the first frost sets in.

But why? You might find that hard to believe coming from us, a dent repair company. Providing hail damage repair promptly is always emphasized to us, after all! You can rest assured that we’ll provide plenty of reasons below as to why you need to come in now-which is exactly what winter will do for you.

Learn Why Winter and Dents Don’t Mix

Minnesota winters are notorious for their coldness, and if you’re like most people, you don’t enjoy them too much-or the ice, or the snow, or the slush. If you notice dents on your car during the wintertime instead of before, we recommend getting dent repair done. In fact, dents can be actively exacerbated by various winter factors, such as:

When exposed to cold temperatures, metal tends to grow slightly smaller. Imagine what a car littered with dents could do to its integrity! This alone would put excessive strain on the exterior of the vehicle.

The poor condition of the road causes more car dents, either through fender benders or accidental brushes with your own garbage bin as roads get slicker and snowstorms become more common. If your car has had previous dents on it, adding new ones on top is not a pretty sight, and it is also detrimental to your car’s longevity, so you should consult a dent specialist now to make sure your car can maintain its good looks once winter arrives.

Under ice and snow, debris may be hiding. Have your tires ever driven up against something, resulting in a loud clang? It happens to everyone at some point, and snow cover and lower visibility in the winter can make such dent-inducing incidents more common. If you’re sick of looking at pockmarked, moon-shaped vehicles, it’s time for paintless dent repair right now.

Contact Bill’s Auto Body Now for the Best in Paintless Dent Repair

We provide hail dent repair and post-accident dent repair—and with a smile to boot! We will have your vehicle back to its original beauty in no time! Call our Forest Lake location today.